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4 Terrible Gifting Ideas for Grandparents That You Must Avoid

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Jane, a lifestyle blogger, shares with us some terrible gifting ideas for your grandparents which we must avoid. She suggests going through online sites which have brilliant gifts like grandpa and grandma t-shirts funny, a watch or walking stick.

When you are going to meet your grandparents’ after a really long time, you certainly don’t want to go empty handed and at the same time, want your gifts to be quite a hit with your adorable grandparents. But selecting gifts for grandparents is quite a tricky affair so if you really want them to like your gift, you have to plan meticulously.

There are some brilliant kinds of gift items you can find at online gifting sites specially made for grandparents. But along with checking the ideas which will not sit around at home, piling dust and create beautiful memories, you must also keep an eye on the terrible gifting ideas which you have to avoid at all costs. So, here we bring to you some really awkward gifting ideas which are a strict no-no.

Take a look.

Thoughtless Gifts

These are the worst kinds of gifts which are of no use. For instance, your grandpa is not much of a booklover, and you end up gifting a novel to him. Or say, you land up at your grandma’s with a box of brownies but she is allergic to eggs. How do you think he or she will feel? It will be clear that you have not put much thought, energy or time behind the gift. So, if they are special and you want to make them feel so, think twice before buying gifts for them.

Repeated Gifts

 If you are meeting your grandparents after a really long while, chances are you might not know what he or she likes, dislikes or uses. In that case, talk to people around them so that you have a rough idea of what they like and use. Having said that, you must also not get them something they already have. There are certain common gifts for grandparents which are most likely to be owned by them already. Even if you are gifting them, a tee or a perfume from his or her favorite brand, you must take note of whether they already possess it or not. Repeated gifts are a waste and ultimately hatch eggs at home.

Bad Fit

If you have decided to give your grandpa or grandma a t-shirt, it is a great idea. Nowadays you also get grandpa and grandma t-shirts funny style with witty one-liners or humorous caricatures. But at least know about their sizes before buying one. Otherwise, if it doesn’t fit them properly, your time and money will also be wasted. And this is not only true in the case of tees but any sort of clothing you buy for them. You must purchase good quality clothing in the favorite colors and right sizes of your grandparents from a number of online stores.


You can be extremely busy so much so that you didn’t have time to buy a gift for your grandparents. But it is still better to go without a gift than giving a gift to them that you had received in the past and did not like. Re-gifting is humiliating and not at all appreciated. Yes, you can have a hideous looking t-shirt or a watch you never use so you might want to give it to someone who would use it. Then, tell your grandparents about it and give it to them if they want it but never use it like a gift. A gift should be bought separately only to express how special they are in your life.

Now that you know what kinds of gifts can be absolutely terrible for giving to your grandparents, make sure you don’t repeat the same. Instead, get to know them, understand what they need and like and then, go to a nice online site where you will get several wonderful gifts for your adorable grandpas and grandmas. 

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