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4 steps to prepare your loved ones for elderly care

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Consideration and concern are the feelings which help us in realizing that someone cares for us. It is done for the loved ones and by our dear people.

If we talk about our parents, then they have a special place in our hearts. It is because they have done a lot for us. Making us happy and comfortable was their priority when we were young. For our better education and future, our parents made a lot of efforts and faced a lot of hardships and difficulties. On reaching the older age, our parents need all the care and affection which we once needed. The amount of love which they gave us was not only our requirement but also our need. With the passage of time as we grow older, the care and affection are then more needed by our parents as compared to us. Importance should be given to their necessities. There are many ways and steps through which we can prepare our loved ones for elderly care, but the four major steps are as follows:

Spending time and conversing with old people

Our time is what our parents value the most. As people grow old all more love, care, and affection are needed by them. They believe that they can get all this just by giving them our time. Listening to their problems, talking to them give them confidence. This makes them believe that despite your busy schedule you give them your time, you think about them and try to do everything possible to make them feel relaxed and comfortable. At this age, they are not attracted towards materialistic things. Your love and attention are like a treasure to them. One of the most common way or step through which we can prepare our loved ones for elderly care is by talking to them. Small gestures are a great source of delighting them. Giving them some of our time does not bother us, but it sure can become a great source of making them happy and satisfied. This helps them in building up their confidence and helps them in taking care of themselves.

Medical care

The body has a weak immune system on reaching this age due to which the body gets infected immediately and even due to small viruses. They need appropriate care. Proper and timely medical check-ups and treatment are what they need. Adequate and timely diet is one of their basic needs. They should take proteins and avoid food with less oil and fats. Fruits, vegetables, and fresh juices should be made compulsory in their daily diet. Their body requires more minerals and calcium. This requirement can be fulfilled which give them energy and help them in staying healthy. After reaching this age, mental instability becomes very common in older adults. Dementia . is one of the most common diseases in this regard. Poor judgment and bad decision-making ability, losing and misplacing of things and losing track of dates and seasons are some of the early signs of dementia.

Moral and financial support is what elderly parents need the most from their children

The asset of every parent is their children. They invest in them in every matter, take care of the needs and desires and do all the measures to make them happy and comfortable. Then similarly when the parents reach their older age all the support which once they gave their children expect the same from them. Right from birth to the adult children depend on their parents for everything and then comes a time when parents on their older age in the same way entirely rely upon their children even for performing their small tasks. Fulfilment of their basic needs then becomes our responsibility and taking care of their comfort zone should become our utmost priority.

Proper Management and timetable for elderly people

Older adults have a bad memory they forget things quickly and easily. Therefore, appropriate measures should be taken for them which can help them in recognizing the things and places quickly. Timetable and schedule can prove very beneficial in this regard. Parents spend their whole life for their children. They sacrifice their desires so that they can fulfil their children’s needs and wishes sometimes left with nothing for themselves. It then becomes our duty to take care of their needs. We can never do as much as what they have done for us, but still, we should do all the possible things to make them happy and satisfied.

This post is written by Chris Palmer who is a comedian and a public speaker. He has got a lot of valuable information about dementia and elderly care. Chris Palmer regularly blogs at

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