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4 Sensational Spices For Inner Health

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It can sometimes be challenging to maintain a nutritious and balanced diet. However there are superfoods and spices out there that provide a straightforward way to add health benefits to your meals; fortunately, they all add delicious flavor as well.


Whether it’s in a curry or a festive latte, cinnamon is a delicious addition to a variety of food and drinks, and can easily be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise. Cinnamon also boasts a range of health benefits, making it a smart addition to any meal. The antioxidants within the spice are renowned for helping to fight disease and can even combat stress, which is linked to a number of illnesses. Anti-inflammatory properties in cinnamon can alleviate pain in joints and muscles; making it a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Cinnamon has also been proven to help with heart health as it can reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, so it’s worth having the spice readily available in your cupboard and adding it to dishes.


Packed full of nutrients and medicinal properties, ginger is beneficial to both your body and mind health; as well as being a tasty addition to many meals. Whether you use it dried, ground or fresh, ginger provides a wealth of antioxidants which help to reduce inflammatory conditions around the body, such as muscle pains and soreness. The spicy root is also known to alleviate a range of inconvenient symptoms such as post nasal drip, nausea, and indigestion, making it an essential ingredient in any family home.



The bright yellow spice not only gives a rich, warm taste to curries and stews; it can be extremely advantageous to the health of the body and the brain. Turmeric is another anti-inflammatory compound full of pain fighting properties, ensuring it will make any meal into medicinal comfort food. The spicy ingredient can also increase the body’s capacity for antioxidants, which help protect it from free radicals, infections, and diseases. Improving brain function has also be linked to the consumption of turmeric, making it a smart choice of spice for your dinner. For inspiration on how to use turmeric in an array of meals, check out these recipes:


Garlic has been named a superfood, and with good reason; eating it is advantageous to your health, as well as your taste buds. Illnesses, such as the common cold can often be relieved by the fragrant food, as it is known to boost the immune system; so if you’re starting to sneeze, it might be time to add more garlic to your meals. Reducing blood pressure is another string to garlic’s bow, which is essential in lowering the risk of heart diseases; if you look after your heart health, your body will love you for it.

With so many vitamins, nutrient and antioxidants; the ingredients mentioned above have proven health benefits for your body’s well-being. By regularly incorporating them into your meals or drinks, you will be naturally medicating yourself, without having to go to the pharmacy, and also adding delicious flavor; it’s a win-win!


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