4 Creative & Renter-Friendly Wall Decoration Ideas

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Getting your place to look like you want it to is already hard, but throw in the rules and regulations that renting brings to interior design, and you have an even trickier task at hand! Adorning your home, condo, or apartment’s walls without breaking the lease is one of the hardest things to do.

You can’t cause lasting damage to the walls, but most traditional methods of setting up wall décor inevitably mean smashing nails into the wall. But that doesn’t mean all wall décor will damage your walls and get you in trouble with your landlord. Here are four creative and renter-friendly wall decoration ideas to help you personalize your rental.

Removable Wallpaper

Traditional wallpaper is a no-no for rented spaces, but removable wallpaper is okay! The difference between traditional wallpaper and removable wallpaper is, as you may have already guessed, that removable wallpaper is removable. You can take it down whenever you need to with zero or minimal damage.

Use removable wallpaper to create stunning accent walls, decorate your doors, embellish your furniture, or, if you want a total makeover, cover your rental from head to toe!

Wall Decals

Don’t want to cover the entire wall, but still think it could use some heavy modifications? Another creative and renter-friendly wall decoration idea is to use decals. Wall decals are a lot like stickers. You peel them and stick them onto the wall wherever you want. You choose how many decals you use and where each one goes, affording you great freedom when it comes to adorning your interior walls. And, like removable wallpaper, decals peel off easily when you want to take them down. Whether you want to add an inspirational quote to your hallway or a burst of color to your bedroom, decals are the way to go!


Tapestries are a great way to bring texture into any space. They also cover a large portion of the wall, which means you get more coverage for the same amount of work it takes to hang a small frame. Macramé and screen-printed tapestries give rooms a boho-chic aesthetic while patchwork tapestries can bring color and personality to any space.


You can use no-damage hangers to hang things like mirrors on your walls. Mirrors are especially good choices for rentals because they disperse light, making cramped spaces feel roomier and dark spaces feel brighter than they actually are. To get the most out of your mirrors, place them next to or across from a window.

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