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3D Printing Changing the Face of Construction

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Since the introduction of 3d printing in our world, people cannot help but marvel at the wonders it can do.

From creating an ordinary toy for a child to play with, to making an artificial body part, the 3D printers are capable of doing a lot for the humans. One further enhancement in the world of 3d printers is the fact that they are even making headway in the construction industry.

The 3d printing technology was once expected to be able to build homes without the help of man force. That seems possible with the efforts of the young entrepreneurs Chris Kelsey and Fernando De los Rio with a company they have set known as Cazza. The duo from Silicon Valley has joined hands with the government of Dubai in order to start their project. Their target is to have 25% of the buildings to be built by 3D printing methods by the year 2030 in the emirate. According to the entrepreneurs, this is a great opportunity which will pave the way for evolution in the construction industry.

The basic idea is to have a giant crane-like equipment working instead of the labors. The machinery will help cut in the three most important aspects of the construction, which is labor, cost and time. The technology is said to lower all three of these factors and make considerably cheap houses at much faster pace. The only manual labor that will be required will be to move the machine from one place to another and handle all of its other operations.

This isn’t to say that people will soon see skyscrapers being built through these technologies. That advancement is yet to be made and until the testing phase of that technology is over, the people at Cazza are unsure when the public will be seeing skyscrapers built through 3D printing methods. As of now, the company’s only aim is to construct low-rise buildings in Emirates as they are more resilient and strong and do not harbor any threat to the inhabitants of the construction.

Kelsey has been an entrepreneur for multiple other projects and had been looking for 3D printing technology in the construction industry for the past year. For this particular venture, he used her earnings from app and website development business called “Appsitude”.

The company’s 3D printing robots are about to go on sale this year in which countries from all over the world are expected to show interest. According to Kelsey, countries such as Singapore, Maldives and even South Africa have shown interest in their development. This is because the construction is not only time and cost effective, but it also has the advantage of being sustainable and environment-friendly. Prior to this, there had been not many options for people to go to when it came to being eco-friendly in terms of house construction.

With these progressions being made, there is no doubt that the future will hold many possibilities when it comes to 3D printing. Cazza with their dedication is improving the ways that things are done in the construction business. This development is surely a great step into the future and will help humans build a more sustainable habitat without affecting the environment of our planet.


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