3 Tips for Traveling With a Ton of Luggage

Written by Felicia Priedel

There are plenty of reasons someone may need to travel with a boatload of luggage. They may be a parent traveling with young kids or someone planning to go out of state for an extended stay. Maybe they just want to be comfortable on their trip rather than “make do” with the bare essentials. All these reasons are totally valid! That said, traveling with a stack of suitcases isn’t always easy; after all, you need to find a place to store all your stuff. Below, we provide some tips for traveling with a ton of luggage so you can bring it all.

Consider an Alternate Method of Travel

Traveling via plane is convenient, but if you’re bringing a lot of luggage along, it can be expensive. A carry-on item plus one or two extra bags won’t dent your wallet too much, but once you hit the third bag, the fees jump into the hundreds. Rather than spend extra on baggage fees, why not try another, cheaper form of transport? For example, a 12-passenger van rental will have plenty of room for you and your luggage, and you won’t have to pay any extra fees per bag.

Look for Luggage Storage

We highly recommend looking for a place to store your luggage during the last day of your trip. Normally, on the last day, you’d check out of your hotel in the morning, and, while waiting for your plane to arrive, go sightseeing, luggage in hand. But if you have tons of luggage, you can’t do this; you’d have to head home as soon as you check out or spend all day in the lobby instead. But by using a luggage storage service, you can drop the baggage and make the most of your trip’s final day.

Maximize Space in Your Suitcases

Our final tip for traveling with a ton of luggage is to maximize the space in your suitcases. This way, you can fit more into fewer bags. Here are just a few ways you can save space:

  • Fold and roll your clothes
  • Make use of all extra space—stuff socks in shoes or the cups of bras, roll up belts to fit inside shirt collars, etc.
  • Use travel-sized containers rather than full-sized containers
  • Store small jewelry in pill cases
  • Use packing cubes

You don’t have to pare down if you don’t want to—you just have to get creative! Use these tips to ensure you can bring everything you need on your next trip.

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