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3 Excellent Reasons to Have Your 2017 Christmas Party on a Cruise Boat on the Thames

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London Christmas parties can be off the chain if you set out to make them fun and memorable. If you take a cruise down the Thames, you can have a fun and festive evening whether you are in a large group, or even alone. Here you can be sure to dance the night away, enjoy your favorite drinks and dinner too if you so wish.

A cruise on the Thames works well if you are looking to plan a Christmas lunch or even party for family and friends, or for your workmates. To enjoy your private party, have it catered, hire entertainers and a DJ and you will be good to go. Most such cruises also offer alcohol at great prices and you can even choose to have champagne or wine depending on your tastes for your New Year’s Eve party as well.

As Christmas gets closer and closer, you should consider planning your Christmas party on a boat. Even though it will be quite chilly since its winter, the boat is heated and will be very warm and cozy.  Here are some of the reasons why you should consider floating down the Thames this Christmas:

  • Private venue – Whether you will be planning an office party or a party for family and friends, you can be sure that if you want a boat to yourselves, you can have that exclusivity. As an option, you can have a portion or a wing of the boat to yourselves where you can party until you drop.
  • Dancing – A party isn’t a party if you cannot dance. You can opt for live music or have a DJ put on a great disco. Not only will you have your best music playing; you can add some Christmas music or even enjoy some karaoke if you wish to take your party to the next level. With this, everyone can let loose and have a great time.
  • Impress – If you have been looking to impress, then this is your opportunity to put on a party that everyone will love. Have a theme; make it black tie, or even informal depending on what you want.

Most boats that take people on cruises down the river will help make planning much easier because they already have party packages to choose from. Pick one and tweak it as needed to ensure that your party fits your needs. They will even consider how your guests will be arriving and make sure that they work with piers that are close to the bus and rail networks for ease of travel.

You don’t have to worry about being cold when you have your Christmas party on a boat because the boat is heated. This tasteful and novel concept simply means that your guests will be talking about this party for a long time to come. On a cruise boat, you will all have a great time bonding, laughing, talking and dancing to your heart’s content.  With the delicious cuisine that is served piping hot, you will have full bellies and enjoy great times together.

Guest Post by Bill Williams – Bill Williams is a travel journalist. He has featured the cruises available for tourists.

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