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3 Engaging Ways To Become An Informed Earth Citizen

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With the prevalence and accessibility of the online world, we have become bombarded with facts, opinions, and stories ranging from our local cities to countries on the other side of Earth. For this reason, it can seem that the world has become more chaotic than ever before. While this is true to a degree, it’s also worth mentioning that a large proportion of this is due to the accessibility of worldwide information. If breaking news happens in another nation, we are able to witness the facts developing within minutes, thanks to push notifications sent to our smartphones.

Thanks to how easy it is to view commentary and news from across the world, the responsibility and ease in which you can become an informed citizen of Earth is greater than ever before. However, because there is so much information, and due to the speed which it travels, it can be hard to keep up with the constantly evolving news cycle. To prevent feeling overwhelmed by all this, it’s important to know where to look.

The following 3 areas are quickly becoming the most pressing and reliable ways to gain your unbiased and comprehensive understanding of the world:

Investigative Journalists

Independent investigative journalists are often the best way to find those news stories which simply aren’t covered by mainstream media outlets, no matter which political persuasion you adhere to. Often they are free to find their own stories and can take longer crafting them in presentable ways which are complete and offer fresh insight into a topic. Following these journalists often don’t restrict you to viewing their works, as often they write freelance, meaning they take part in collaborative news stories undertaken by the news media outlet of your choice.

Journalists such as Clayton Swisher are often interested in specialist fields such as the Middle East, and lend their expertise to situations in a much deeper and refined way than a story all-encompassing organizations can give you. In this instance, they are often less biased and concerned with spinning a political narrative, as they are often solely motivated by facts and the potential for truth to win out.


While YouTube spans many categories of entertainment, it would be unwise to disregard its impact on the news cycle. Much in the spirit of investigative journalism, now many independent production studios are releasing content on YouTube. Channels such as the Rubin Report, Vice, Vox place the best of their investigative news journalism on the website in an easy to comprehend video format. Not only are news pieces featured here, but channels like the Caspian Report offer geopolitical analysis from year to year, to help lend insight into the context behind stories becoming prevalent in the public consciousness.


While Twitter is often replete with useless insight and narrative from the bulk of its users, it can also serve as the best launching ground to keep up with the minute-by-minute breaking news of a specialist situation. If you’re involved in a story or feel the need to view the direct thoughts of someone who has authored a story, the availability of commentary here is so widespread and concise that gaining a clear picture can sometimes be an enlightening tool.

With these services and interests at your disposal, you are more likely to be an aware, informed individual during the course of your life.


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