3 Decor Mistakes You Make BEFORE You’re In The Room

Only very few homeowners can get their interior style right from the start. Most people dream of the perfect first night in their new home as a blank canvas they can populate as they wish to inject their personality into their surroundings. But in reality, the blank canvas is never completely empty. You always have to start somewhere; and, as surprising as it might sound, starting is precisely the reason behind a flawed decor. Don’t get it wrong. Of course, you can’t keep on living in an empty room. Your decor is crucial to finding your homely feeling. But the way you approach your decor plans can have a significant impact on the final result. In fact, homeowners who are trying to plan too much ahead often end up having to redecorate their space within the first few months of moving in. The secret is to avoid costly mistakes that happen at the early stages of your move.

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#1. You don’t pre-organize the canvas

Moving into a new house allows you to start fresh with a blank space. It doesn’t matter what you thought of creating with the house when you first visited the place. Chances are that you never got to see the room stripped of their furniture and decor before moving in. Your creative journey starts now. Like the painter working on a new canvas, you need to begin with an empty room. However, more often than not, homeowners tend to spread their belongings throughout the rooms with no coordination. Planning the move on your own can lead to piling up items with no organization, which makes it challenging to maintain the blank canvas settings. To preserve your creativity, it’s a good idea to work with professional removal agents such as, who can help you to organize your home in safely labeled and packed boxes. Hence, you can work with each room at your pace, without forcing your decor to match your belongings.

#2. You don’t choose your furniture correctly

There is no saying that you can’t bring your beloved furniture with you when you’re changing addresses. However, you have to be realistic. Unless your new home shares the same floor plan than the previous accommodation, you will need to update some of your furniture items to fit the space. Indeed, if some of the rooms are smaller, you might have to find creative ways to make it work, Multi-purpose furniture, for instance, is an excellent choice for a tiny living room. You can pick a sofa that also serves as a guest bed, for example.

You might have to let go of your favorite items to create a balanced environment in a confined space.

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You have to buy furniture that fits

#3. You select your colors on paper

Did you decide to decorate before moving in? It seems like a practical solution, at first. However, you shouldn’t buy your paint or wallpaper before testing samples on the wall. Indeed, picking the right pattern or shade for your walls requires careful consideration. The room changes throughout the day, and your furniture will also bring a different element to the space. In other words, decorate only after you’ve moved!


Don’t blame your ill-fitted decor on bad taste. When the decor doesn’t fit, it’s a matter of not allowing yourself to work with an adequate canvas from the start.

3 Decor Mistakes You Make BEFORE You’re In The Room

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