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250 Gay Men Get Personal About Their Privates by Brock Wilder

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Brock Wilder is a gay author of erotica and non-fiction who has surveyed over 250 gay men about their penis. In over 100 pages, gay men get personal about their privates.

Brock Wilder ( is a self-published gay author who has released 18 gay erotica (Drop The Soap, Best Buds, Hands On Doctor) and non- fiction ebooks (225 Gay Men Expose Their Secret Fantasies). He explains how the idea for this book came about, “I was tired of hearing guys complain about their penis. I wanted to create a book that celebrates mine, yours, and everybody’s penis.” From here, he connected with 250 gay men for their thoughts on their penis, their ‘perfect’ penis, their favorite thing to do with their own penis and someone else’s, and their comments on celebrity and porn star penises.

Brock enjoyed reading through the informative, hilarious, and sensual responses. He divided them into 7 chapters and here’s a glimpse at some PG-rated highlights:

Pride in own penis: “It has good proportions and looks pleasing to the eye when erect.” Perfect penis defined: “Cut. Thick. Black. One that fits perfectly in my mouth.” Nickname for penis: “Thumper,” “Mr. Drippy,” “Little Man,” “Pikachu,” and “The Queen” Favorite thing to do with own penis: “Edging with it while I’m in bondage.”

Favorite thing to do with another’s: “WORSHIP IT! I can play with it for a long time.” Highly regarded porn star penis: “Will Braun – he’s pretty cute and not too big.” Most sought after celebrity penis sighting: “Chris Hemsworth. I want to see if the hammer of Thor lives up to the hype.”

Brock’s thoughts on the audience for this book, “This book is truly for everybody that has a penis or enjoys them. You can read it alone and engage with the provided discussion questions or chat about it with your friends and lovers.”

Penis Pride: 250 Gay Men Get Personal About Their Privates is edited by Brock Wilder. It features over 100 pages in 7 chapters and is now available for pre-order on Amazon ( It will be released on June 25, 2015.



Name: Brock Wilder
Email: Website: Twitter: @dirtysexynaught

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