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234 E 14 St. NY New York- Short Film

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Divine is thrilled to welcome film-maker and producer Adam Jones back with yet another enthralling glimpse into life in the USA

This is the final personal iPhone short film. We’ve featured Adam and his films previously and you can see all these posts on the links below.


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Now over to Adam who tells us about his latest film, 234 E 14 St. NY New York.

My final iPhone short film & personal video. I have a lot of big plans for 2016. This was my second short film… the first was silent & dark. This one was a bit lighter in terms of content but I eventually returned to the same theme of “Teaser”. I like creating videos that push people to? think about it.. maybe even a “what the fuck” moment.

234 E 14 St. New York NY 10003 from Adam Jones on Vimeo.


234 E 14 St. NY New York- (Honeymoon remix) By Adam Jones

Featuring 3 tracks from the beautiful new album “Honeymoon” by Lana Del Rey

234 E 14 St. Honeymoon Remix from Adam Jones on Vimeo.

I love that… it almost turns me on in the editing process. I had an artistic group of people who helped me, they all were from different parts of the world. The idea came from a random woman at CryptTV who pitched a video idea to me. Originally the film was mea?nt to be a 4 episode webseries… I probably went through about 15 cuts of episode 1. The team over at C?rypt didn’t really give me the creative freedom to represent my story the way I would like. So I cut off the ties with them and did it my way.

I’m excited to move on from the whole self documenting thing. Storytelling is the focus at the moment.. I have a journal and write these crazy scenarios I would like to possibly shoot. Almost relieved this is my final iP?hone short film based on me. Until I have purchased a nice video camera I will put out a video with a few actors. I love the Honeymoon remix- and the art Vilela Valentin did of me was fucking amazing. He is from Portugal and did it for free.. we connected through a magazine we were featured in. I feel a true artist will do work free to help someone else, many times I would get a “Great! would love to work on your project, I completely understand it. My rate is $500 a day”. I would be shrugged off most of the time.

Like singers, music comes from a personal experience. With my videos I like to follow that type of expression. I don’t have to say to?o much … I think people feel my emotions within the two short films (or at least try). The title “234 East 14th Street” comes from a place I would usually hang around a lot. I had a friend who let me stay there while I was looking for work in New York.  YouTube was being difficult because of the song “San Francisco” so the film will stay on Vimeo. Copyright staff can f?**k? off!

I love my work- see you next time.

Here is a 10 second video made for Divine

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