Month: July 2021

A mystery science can’t solve.

Newt Grimshaw lives by the scientific method. His current hypothesis is that transforming his former family home, Westmacott Hall, into a school will:

A) remove him from poverty

B) restore the ruined reputation of his chemist parents, and:

C) silence the rumours connected to Westmacott Hall for good.

But Westmacott Hall contains even more secrets than cobwebs. Someone is determined to prevent Newt from claiming his inheritance—and then Newt witnesses a dead man walking the halls of his family estate.

Alive, Griffin Winsor was determined to destroy the credibility of the Grimshaw name. Sudden death but an end to his campaign—or has his desire for revenge brought him back from beyond the grave? Newt doesn’t believe in ghosts, but Griffin is his only hope of uncovering the truth behind his parents’ tragic deaths.

To make his school a success, Newt must solve the mysteries of Westmacott, or risk becoming a failed experiment himself. As Newt grapples with the facts, will his adherence to science save him—or will Westmacott Hall claim another victim?

Tidings of comfort and—ghosts?

Pippa Goodfellow is a young woman with five thousand pounds a year and a simple ambition: to scare the socks off her stuck up cousin Julian and his odious friend Bryant. To do that, she needs the cooperation of Micah Evanovitch, sole inhabitant of a notoriously haunted house.

Micah is many things: thwarted composer, confirmed pessimist, spectre… Pippa’s plan to throw a Christmas party in his house imperils his very existence—but with her help, he might actually have a chance at leaving the failures of his life behind.

Drawn into Pippa’s schemes, Micah discovers that Bryant has a sinister agenda of his own. It will take more than the ghosts of Christmas Past to save Pippa and her family. Micah must find a way to escape his past before Pippa’s Christmas party ends in Christmas tragedy.

Death is not the worst thing that can happen.

Thomas Cross, Lord of Foxwood, has received a double blow. The discovery of his terminal illness is followed immediately by the news that his longterm partner Pip is marked for death by the banshee of Connaught Castle. There is no cure for Cross’s condition, but there may be a way to save Pip—at the cost of his remaining time.

Recruiting his adopted son Julian to aid him, Cross travels to Ireland to free Pip from the banshee. As each successive encounter with the banshee leaves him closer to death, Cross grows more dependent on a dangerous fairy relic. But the gifts of the fair folk come at a price. What is the cost of Pip’s safety?

The Lord and the Banshee is the thirteenth in the series of Read by Candlelight gothic novellas featuring an ever-decreasing cast of LGBTQIA characters. Pairs well with chocolate and regret. Preorder now to hate everything.

Stealing the wrong wallet, puts Bailey’s heart in the witch’s grasp.

Sergeant Kassidy Robinson craves a final night of fun before deploying. But one kiss changes his fate. The man in his arms is his familiar. The snow leopard shifter then steals his wallet and vanishes. Kass ships out, but he can’t escape the longing for the light-fingered thief.

Bailey Fisher is terrified of the power Kass holds over him. When the connection doesn’t fade, Bailey realizes he’s already in Kass’s thrall and he’s forced to confront old fears and ancient prejudices or risk being under the soldier’s spell forever.