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13 RedMedia is dedicated to publishing quality LGBT works of fiction and non-fiction.

Our burgeoning catalog is varied and we intend to represent all aspects of the LGBT experience.

In The City By The Lake

When Viktor Mikhailov follows in his father’s footsteps and joins the relatively insignificant Russian mob, he is given an assignment none of his comrades want, yet Viktor cannot help but be secretly pleased. The city is a cesspool of organized crime, with several outfits fighting for a piece of the Prohibition pie, and Viktor’s slice is the openly gay Towertown. Tasked with providing whiskey to the queer clubs he covertly frequents, Viktor gains monetary wealth while finding himself in an unconventional relationship with his top client’s muse, an enigmatic redhead named Calvin Connolly.

In the City by the Lake, by Taylor Saracen

His Own Way Out

Blake Mitchell knows a bit about enough things and a lot about a few. While the teenager is unsure of which direction to take in life, he’s aware the road he’s on is a direct route to desolation. Being outed as bisexual in the bluegrass state is alienating, and the events to follow are worse. Still, Blake is driven—by any means necessary—to make something more of himself. Identifying an opening, Blake paves a path and finds His Own Way Out.

Twink (Rise Up)

When Kyle Ross’ mother moves him and his brothers from a swanky Dallas suburb to a rural Tennessee town, he thinks his life is over. Not only does he find it difficult to fit in, Kyle isn’t sure he wants to. Grappling with his sexuality while trying to cope with the effects of his mother’s mid-life crisis has him confused, exhausted, and looking for an escape. Always a hustler, Kyle distracts himself with a business venture that inevitably leads to serious issues of its own. As he learns to accept that change is a part of the natural cycle of life and that all he has control over is the person he is, Kyle taps into a power he never knew he had.

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Stark (The College Chronicles)

“STARK is the man of my dreams. He controls my fantasies, an enigma I want but can’t have, because he’s always been out of my reach.But not anymore.” Romance entwined with manipulation makes for a compelling ride in STARK, a gritty tale of love and lust following Michael Wexler on his journey to fulfillment.


I always knew I was different—the things I thought about, what I wanted to experience with a partner. Nothing turned me on more than the idea of being controlled by a cocky, confident guy, but at eighteen—and in my first year of college—I’d resigned myself to the fact that it wasn’t likely to happen.

Then I went to a party and met Dex. He was everything I’d ever dreamed about. He had a way of bending me to his will and making me beg for more. Who would have thought a chance meeting at a random party would have been the catalyst for my sexual awakening.

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Snapshots: Coup de Foudre

You might chalk Matthew Gareson and Vince Valentino’s lightning-fast relationship as a stereotype. It’s an age-old trope after all–the one where the talented photographer falls for a hot model and they make their mark on the industry together. Or maybe the story is more scandalous, full of intrigue and backstabbing in the salacious world of fashion. Perhaps the story is nothing like you would expect, because you never expected to fall in love with Matthew and Vince as fast as they fell for each other. And maybe you deserve to get swept away too.

Electric Soul (The Rise Up Series Book 3)

Joey Mills doesn’t know who he wants to be. He isn’t even sure who he doesn’t. All he knows is that he thinks about it less than other people who try to mold themselves into certain boxes they are convinced they need to fit into. He always fit in just by being himself. Or maybe that is what he trains his brain to believe, that he is who he wants to be, and that people want to be around whoever he is. Thinking about it too much is a dangerous exercise in self-doubt, one he doesn’t have the patience to participate in. Why doesn’t he tell people he is gay? Why is it off-limits if he truly doesn’t worry about what people think of him? Maybe it’s time for a change.

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