12 Ways To Make Your Virtual Wedding Shower Unforgettable

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Due to the public health concerns in the air, many are believed to choose to settle into their homes and spend a majority of their time indoors. Almost every type of occasion and celebration has also been moved into virtual events including virtual birthday parties, virtual dates, virtual weddings, and of course, virtual wedding showers. 

A virtual wedding shower may sound weird and bland at first, but the truth is, you can still make it fun and unforgettable, just like a face-to-face and on-site affair. If you’re struggling with ideas to turn your virtual wedding shower a blast, don’t fret. After all, this whole virtual thing is something new that many people are still trying to adjust and embrace the concept.

To get you started, here are twelve ways you can make your virtual wedding shower unforgettable and special to you and your guests and loved ones. 

  1. Prepare Games And Fun Activities 

Keep your virtual guests engaged by preparing some fun activities and games for them to participate in. Some fun online games you can try include: 

  • Trivia questions about the couple;
  • Scavenger Hunt wherein you can ask attendees to find particular objects from their respective houses;
  • Bridal Bingo;
  • ‘Who knows the couple best?;’
  • ‘What’s In My Purse?;’ and
  • ‘Name That Song.’

To elevate the fun, you can also prepare different virtual prizes like online gift cards. Additionally, you may send them gift baskets the following day. 

Meanwhile, you can also prepare virtual punishments for the losing team or persons, like making them post an embarrassing yet funny selfie on their social media account.  

  1. Have A Wedding Version Of Show And Tell 

Before the virtual party, tell the guests to find a particular object that reminds them of the bride or groom or the memory they shared with them. Then, during the virtual wedding shower, you can let each of them take turns in showing off these objects on camera as they tell the story and memory behind that item. Everyone can enjoy reminiscing those old memories while at the same time creating new ‘virtual’ memories with you. 

  1. Host A Movie Night 

Who says movie nights are only for Fridays? You can also host a movie night during your virtual wedding shower, thanks to the availability of different streaming platforms and online video conferencing tools. 

Just set up your chosen streaming service and watch a romantic movie together with your virtual wedding shower attendees even when all of you are miles apart. Don’t forget the drinks and snacks too. 

  1. Meditate Together With A Virtual Yoga Session 

Planning and preparing for the actual wedding date can be stressful for everyone involved in the whole ordeal. So, why not make use of the virtual wedding shower as a time for everyone to relax and take a break from the wedding planning? You can hire an online yoga instructor to lead the virtual wellbeing sessions, and together, you can relax and meditate with your relatives and close friends. 

  1. Create An At-Home Spa 

You and your guests can relax in an at-home spa during your virtual wedding shower. To pull this off, you can send them a basket filled with spa goodies, such as a robe, face masks, nail polish, scented candles, and others, in advance. 

They can also add their own spa supplies if they already have some in their house. Then, during the virtual event, you can do your at-home spa treatments together in the bedroom or even while you’re all lying on your bathtubs as you folks share engaging tete-a-tete with each other. 

  1. Conduct A Kitchen Cook-off 

Tell your guests to set up their cameras in the kitchen as you all prepare for the kitchen cook-off. In this activity, each one has to cook a meal using their ingredients at home. For uniformity, you need to specify if they need to prepare a specific dish for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. Once the timer is off, each should show off their finished meal on camera, and whoever has the most creative output will win.  

  1. Do A Housewarming Tour 

Since a personal housewarming tour isn’t highly encouraged by health experts these days in favor of social distancing, a virtual housewarming tour instead is advised for the couple’s wedding shower. Nonetheless, this activity is only applicable if the engaged couple has recently moved into their new apartment or house together. 

If you and your future life partner are currently living together in a single living space, you can carry out a virtual housewarming tour. Once you’ve toured all of your virtual wedding shower participants the rooms and areas in your living space, you can finish the activity with a toast.  

  1. Have Some Virtual Pre-Wedding Cocktails 

You might not be able to hear some glasses clink during the cocktail hour, but you can still have it during the virtual wedding shower. You can send some mini cocktail bottles for the guests attending the wedding shower. Then, during the virtual party, you can all share a toast with cheers and applause for the engaged couple. 

  1. Order Take-Out Food From The Same Restaurant 

Just because you’re not in the same venue for the wedding shower doesn’t mean you can’t eat and enjoy the same meal. To do this, tell the wedding shower participants to order the same food for your brunch, lunch, or dinner party at a single restaurant or food business. Nevertheless, this may only apply if you and your friends happen to be in the same geographical location. 

Once the food is delivered to each and everyone’s doorstep, you can eat them together in front of the camera and have lively chitchat about the upcoming wedding. 

  1. Unwrap Wedding Shower Presents On Camera 

It’s regarded as common practice for some guests to give their gifts during the wedding shower. But since handing gifts in person is impossible during a virtual event, you can request them to send their presents in advance so that you can open them all at once while in front of the camera.

Doing this will give the bride a chance to virtually thank their guests for their generosity. At the same time, this could also be a source of fun and entertainment, especially if some of the guests had given some comedic gifts. 

  1. Do A Wedding Dress Sneak-Peek 

Conducting a wedding attire sneak-peek is said to be a perfect option, especially for couples planning to have a very small wedding which means not everyone in their wedding shower guest lists could physically attend on their wedding day. 

As a bride-to-be, you can show off your planned outfit for your wedding day. You can either put it on a hanger or, better yet, wear it and show it off for a few minutes. This will stir more excitement from your guests as your wedding day is fast approaching. 

  1. Chat And Chill With Friends 

The truth is, your wedding shower doesn’t always have to be filled with elaborated activities in order for it to be memorable. A virtual wedding shower can still be fun and exciting if you just chill and chat with your friends. After all, many of you have probably haven’t been together for a long time until one of you is finally getting married. 

So, leave a few minutes (or even an hour) to just spend time with important people in your life while talking about your love lives, future plans, and more.  

Make Your Virtual Wedding Shower A Blast 

As you see, virtual wedding showers aren’t all that bad. In fact, they could even be fun and more unique than the typical personal celebration. Plus, you also get to record the whole party and re-watch when you and your friends are in the mood to reminisce that unforgettable virtual event. 

Henceforth, whether you’re planning your own virtual wedding shower or for your friend, take note of the abovementioned tips and make your virtual event a beautiful and unforgettable event for everyone.

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