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11 Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing A Sports Bra

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You need a very supportive piece if you want to enjoy and complete your workout routine. No matter your bust size, you must figure out which Triumph Doreen bra fits you perfectly so that you don’t find yourself in a compromising situation. Watch out for these mistakes that might subject your breasts to torture.

1. Same bra for yoga and running

This habit is like putting on a ballet slipper during a marathon day. Yoga activities are less intense than running. So, you need a thicker bra with underwire, molded cups, and cushioned straps to run or for a more rigorous physical exercise. But for yoga, a lightweight bra from Triumph Doreen is just fine.

2. Leaving your nipples visible

The best sporting bras have light moldings which are very appropriate even for women with smaller breasts. Molding provides a flattery shape with its smooth and more rounded surface.

3. Using the tightest hook

If your band is riding up in the back, it means that you don’t have ample support. The reason you are using the tightest hook could be that your bra is extremely stretched out. Note that the bra band should provide most of the support and not the straps; it should fit comfortably without inflicting pain on your bust area.

4. Putting on the same bra you wear to work

Your everyday bra is probably fitted with an underwire that keeps your breasts comfortable all day long. However, this bra will not give sufficient support you require for your gym activities. Normally, breasts move up and down during workouts and thus you need a more supportive bra for such activities.

5. Using a sports bra for more than 6 months

Like any other type of clothing, a sports bra deteriorates over time. You must replace it when it becomes stretched out preferably after 4-6 months depending on how often you wear it. If you want the bra to last longer, take care of it as a piece of fancy lingerie. Avoid washing machines and dryers because they cause shrinkage and disintegration of fabric over time.

6. Double bagging

Rather than wearing two bras, use a cup size with broader straps, full encapsulation, and a zip in the front. Today’s technology provides better solutions for big-breasted women. Take advantage of these life-changing technical features and avoid wearing two bras even if you have a fuller bust.

7. Choosing the cheapest bra

Most cheap bras have no underwire or shaping. They are not flattering at all; are less supportive, and uncomfortable. You don’t need to worry if you are on a budget; Doreen bras come with affordable prices and all you need is to choose one that suits your pocket.

8. Wrong material

The best materials for sports bras have air holes that wick away moisture, hence maximum breathability. These specially designed fabrics are supportive not only under the breast but also across the back. Avoid cotton bras because all they do is absorbing sweat and stretching out.

9. Straps digging into your skin

Bra straps must not hurt. When they do so, it means that the band is not providing sufficient support. While styles such as wide-set straps and racerback are personal preferences, straps that dig into the skin are something you should avoid.

10. Uni-boob bras

Separate cups are worn for good reasons. They allow good air circulation in each breast and the encapsulation provides the extra support for every cup size.

11. Too much cleavage

Most push up bras are put to shame because they expose too much skin. If the cups cannot contain your breasts decently, there is something wrong with the bra size. You don’t have to let your boobs spilling out of the cups. Triumph Doreen can help you pick the right size of bra to avoid shameful situations.

Regardless of your body size, inappropriate choice of a sports bra can make your exercising days unbearable. You don’t need to be a professional sportsperson to know that a wrong-fitting bra can ruin your workouts.

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