101 of Exploring Australia

The Commonwealth of Australia is more than an assembly of states – it is a gorgeous quilt of intricately interwoven biomes that can differ so drastically that you may just feel like the highway bends through time and space, like a wormhole that treats you to the most awe-inspiring sites. This, of course, is one of many reasons why avid travelers flock to the Land Down Under, and road trips are only a small aspect of a rich range of activities you can partake in while you tour the youngest continent. The untamed landscapes are vast and there is a lot of ground to cover, so here is the 101 of exploring Australia.

Touchdown destination – SydneyTouchdown destination – Sydney

If you are about to choose the most opportune destination for your first-time Australian trip, Sydney is the safest bet for a grand touchdown and spectacular first day. Of course, since this is an affluent city with a heavy turnover of visitors and a hectic pulse, you’ll want to arrange your accommodations well in advance – and a room in fabulously trendy boutique hotels is the way to go in Australian metropolises. Depending on how long you plan to stay in the city, you can check out the central business district and the most renowned Sydney (and let’s be honest – Australian) landmarks, which are pretty much grouped around the dock area.

Definitely go on a road trip

Of course, apart from surfing, one of the most popular activities in Australia is driving off into the horizon on a freeform journey of a lifetime. If you are about to embark on either of the Pacific coast drives from Sydney, you need to make sure that the ride goes as smoothly as possible.

Road Trip

Since Australia is a road-tripping country, there are car shops and stores around every corner, so if you decide to rent a car for the trip, make sure that the vehicle is reinforced where the rubber meets the road. Check out the impeccable servicing for tyres in Blacktown if you plan to embark on a set of long trips that will have you covered for a wholesome New South Wales experience.

Visit the Great Barrier Reef

While we are on the topic of touring the Pacific Coast, you simply have to check out the Great Barrier Reef – one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world. It is located just off the eastern Australian coast, mostly stretching for 2,300 kilometers along the coast of Queensland. It is the largest living coral reef on the entire planet, so gargantuan that it can even be observed from space. This is also a fitting opportunity to find the cheapest boat tour that comes with diving equipment and guides – after you’ve immersed yourself into the enchanting kaleidoscope of marine landscapes that brim with life, your perspective of life and Earth is bound to change forever. It is truly a transformative experience that would be a shame to miss if you’re visiting Australia.

The hinterland awaitsThe hinterland awaits

However, Australia is not only about coastal wonders. As you venture further inland, the captivating hinterland awaits every brave traveler that is ready to hike through the Bush, lush rainforests and captivating deserts. If you check out the best routes and the most affordable camping spots along, you’ll realize that hiking through Australian national parks is not only an exhilarating adventure riddled with treats and rewards in form of breathtaking sights. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to tour the Land Down Under.  

The wine overfloweth

There is a side to Australia that many newcomers don’t know about and which is well worth exploring. Somewhere between the untamed wilderness and the heavily populated coast lies the “wine belt” that has bucolic landscapes evocative of the idyllic Mediterranean paradises. Australian wineries are garnering a stellar reputation as the years roll by, and if you are a hedonist by nature, you should definitely check out at least one of the famous wine regions – be it Margaret River, Yarra Valley, Hunter Valley or Barossa Valley. Many wineries offer quaint accommodations and superb restaurants to boot.

Australia is a continent that packs the most diverse range of experiences on a relatively manageable cobweb of destinations. Its secret includes well-connected highways, developed public transport and impeccable infrastructure on every conceivable level. Above all else, it is a picture-perfect getaway destination for people who simply want to have a time-out from the world and pick the most captivating range of activities, perfectly tailored to their own tastes.

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