10 Types of New Pushup Exercises In 2021 and How Do They Help You?

For professionals, it may appear like a way of counting numbers, but for beginners, it is still a big task. Just a cue tip for people who have initiated their fitness journey, numbers won’t matter in the long run, but your technique will. Hence, align your body, prepare your mindset and do those pushups with every ounce of energy flowing through those muscles.

How well do you know about pushups?

One of the most effective and basic exercises deems to be the first step towards achieving bodily goals. One who sets his foot ablaze on his fitness journey embarks it with pushups. This muscle-building exercise targets your chest, triceps, and abdomen. How often have you seen individuals concluding their pushups with a stare at their chest in the mirror? The pump generated hits different and that is what one craves for while increasing his push-up count.

What people do know is that the aforementioned exercise has several variations and can be performed almost anywhere with no need for machines. The purpose of including a pushup machine to your workout is to give your body mobility and pose a challenge in front of it. Merely including a pair of pushup handles would aid in aligning your posture. Therefore, having a piece of machinery for pushups is not a waste of money as people say it. Rather, it yields major benefits in the long term.

Is it just your arms and chest that’s felling the burn?

Mistaken are those individuals who believe pushups work only your arms and chest. Either they are doing it all wrong or they haven’t got someone to guide them. A set of pushups targets your abdominal and upper back muscles. That is why it is essential to maintain a proper form to yield maximum results. Moreover, pushups are incredible at building your muscle endurance. Let’s put it this way: You may have seen people lifting significant weights during bench press, but get tired while hitting a long pushup run. This depicts the fact that your body muscles have been strengthened to lift heavy but aren’t capable to hold it for long.

Conclusively, if you are capable of lifting heavy and empty that weight rack with your power, you still got to do pushups to enhance muscle endurance. Use pushup handles or get in a specific pushup machine to put those muscles at work.

Now that we have known the essential elements and the vitality of pushups, it’s time we get in the variations into play. Your bodyweight training is as effective as the diversity of challenges you provide to it. These variations depicted below do exactly the same and helps to build the first block of muscle growth.

10 Pushup Variations To Get Those Muscles Pumping

  • The Regular Ones: The technique you develop in the initial stages will determine how you go through the advanced stages. The seed you sow at the beginning primarily decides the fruit you will reap. First, learn how to do this exercise perfectly and then bring in the challenges. Again, the count doesn’t matter, your form does. And that’s we try to do achieve through basic steps.
  • Inclined Pushups: These are great for individuals who struggle through the regular ones. It puts less pressure on arms but engages your chest quite well. This variation can be performed via pushup handles where your upper body gets a bit of elevation and drops the amount of bodyweight to be lifted.
  • Declined Pushups: Here comes a small advancement to your normal routine. The declined ones significantly target your shoulders and charge the entire body. In this, your feet get subjected to an elevation and your upper body is angled to the floor. You can use a bench, stepper or any other solid object where your feet can rest. A mere adjustment to the bench’s height will impact the intensity and that’s exactly what we need.
  • Triangle Pushups: You must have seen professionals forming a diamond-shaped icon with their hands and doing pushups. This takes strengthened triceps and a proper alignment to conclude. Focus on keeping your back straight with hands touching and then ascending or descending the body with arm muscles.
  • Wide Pushups: This is done by placing your hands wider than your shoulders but not wide enough as this may pose a risk of injury. If placing your hands result in pain, then go for a narrower dimension. Your shoulders and chest muscles are targeted through this. When are you trying one?
  • Staggered Pushups: This takes a bit of precision and courage for this. Remember, your courage shouldn’t turn into stupidity and that you do it properly. For this, move one hand forward and the other backward while staying in a pushup position. Lower your chest by bending the elbows and then extend them to get back in position. Switch to the other fore after a specific count.
  • Spiderman Pushups: Its time you start believing in super humans and not just super heroes. Though this variation won’t turn you into one it will definitely tone your whole body. The aim is to strengthen your arms and get in the required hip flexibility into your body.
  • Cross Body Pushup: This puts an electronic charge to your core and strengthens the hip flexors. Simply lower down to perform the basic pushup, but this time cross your leg to the other side beneath your body. Practice this movement from both sides.
  • Clap Pushups: Who hasn’t seen fitness freaks posting their clap pushups on their social media handles? You know the drill but you must know how to prepare for it. Lower down during your exercise and exert enough force while coming up so that your hands leave the ground, and then land back softly to the position. Keep your back flat and repeat this. The clap comes afterwards.
  • One Arm Pushups: The name already suggests what you should anticipate from this. It doubles the strength on one arm currently in use and activates your core through the process. This builds strength and endurance in your body.


Variations are Temporary but Technique is Permanent. You got to focus on gifting sustainable growth to yourself. Use of proper pushup machines like pushup handles, steppers, or some specific items like ABLE can help to elevate your level. Till then, do yourself a favor and master the basic ones first.

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