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10 Tips for Traveling Europe

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If you are a new traveler or even a seasoned nomad, traveling Europe can be a bit of a challenge at times. Our collection of 10 tips for traveling Europe covers everything you need to know before you go jetting off to the continent.

Budgeting is key when travelling in Europe. Unlike travel in South East Asia and even South America, travel in Europe can be expensive at times. There are ways to prolong your time in Europe by adopting a shoestring budget. By doing this you do run the risk of missing out on some big events – music festival tickets are very expensive for example. But, if you opt to Couchsurfing, eat in small local restaurant, and even do some volunteering your money can go a long way in Europe.

Backpacking is a popular choice for travel in Europe. One of our top tips will explain all about it. Getting the best carry on travel backpack for Europe is essential as during your travels it will be your home, your pillow and your wardrobe!

Europe is comprised of fifty different nations. Some are best visited in the summer months, others in winter. Many countries in Europe have their merits all year round.

#1. Pack Light

Packing your backpack full of clothes is not necessarily the best option for traveling in Europe. Pack light but comprehensively. The weather in Europe can be unpredictable at times and as such you need to pack for every eventuality.

Come rain or shine, frost or heat by packing for every occasion you will not get caught out. Do not worry about your ability to get your washing done, many hostels in Europe offer free use of the washing machine or are conveniently located close to a launderette.

If you do run out of clothes on the road then Europe is full of shops where you can buy everything you could ever need. Delivery services are also available, so you could get a new outfit sent to your next hostel!

#2. Travel by Rail

Travelling by rail in Europe is certainly not new news but it is a great cheap way to travel. Many overnight trains crisscross across the continent every night, and as such you can save yourself vital time by travelling while you sleep. Board the train in Budapest at 6pm and wake up in Krakow at 7am for example.

Travel by Rail in Europe

There are many different ticketing options available depending on your age and the amount of time you want to travel, but an all-inclusive inter-rail ticket is an investment worth making.

You will find you will make many new friends travelling like this especially if you pick a popular route.

#3. Head East on the Cheap

What is regarded as Eastern Europe is geographically more like central Europe. However, if you are on a tight budget, you get much further on your limited funds if you head to countries like Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Eastern Europe for the Cheap

Not only is accommodation cheap here but also food, entrance to tourist attractions and transport too. The culture in Eastern Europe is rich and varied and there is truly something for everyone to enjoy.

If you are looking for a big booze up then Eastern Europe is the place to go – high quality local brewed beer is super cheap and super tasty!

#4. Book Flights Online

Booking your flights online can save you a lot of money. An industry secret is to book flights only 70-days before you travel as this is when fares are at their lowest. Additionally, if your schedule permits, be sure to book your flights for Tuesdays as this is the least popular day to travel.

Remember that many budget airlines who operate in Europe do not include baggage in their fare cost. Additional check in hold luggage can cost up to £20 per flight! Sometimes it is better to fly with a premium airline than a budget for all the additional costs you will incur.

#5. Travel as a Pair

Travelling with friends or partner is a great way to cut the costs of travel. By travelling together you half the cost of a hotel room, half the cost of private transport, and in general eating out becomes cheaper too.

Travel with friends

Traveling long term with another person is a risk investment to make, so be sure to pick the right person! Nothing worse than having a big bust up in the middle of Budapest or a massive argument in Amsterdam!

If you are travelling with a friend or partner remember to give each other space to explore alone, it makes traveling together all the more bearable!

#6. Free London!

London is the primary destination for many first time travelers to Europe, and although you can break the bank when you are in London you need not to. There are hundreds of free things to do in London that could keep you occupied for months!

Free London

Museums like the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum offer free entry to all, likewise with the Tate Modern and Tate Britain art galleries.

Check out online as to what free music and comedy gigs are happening when you are in town to max out on your cultural experience.

#7. Do It Yourself

Europe is a really safe and easy place to travel in, and as such there is no really need to book on to expensive all-inclusive guided tours. That said, if you want a hassle free experience in Europe then be our guest!

It is just to say that if you are trying to minimize your travel costs then your best bet is to organize everything yourself and shop around. Do your research, most things can be booked in advance and doing so saves you money too.

Doing your trip all by yourself is also a much more rewarding experience and you will gain new skills too that will benefit you in all aspects of your life.

#8. Get a Backpack

People have been backpacking around Europe since the 1960s and for good reason; it is the most sensible way to travel. If you aim to cover a lot of ground during your trip then a backpack is an essential item.

Packing your life into a bag is exciting but there is no need to over pack either, anything you envisage needing while away you will be able to find in most towns and cities in Europe. This continent is one of the most developed in the world and as such everything you could ever need will be provided.

Make sure your backpack is of high quality, it must be comfortable and durable too. Having a rainproof cover is a good idea!

#9. Get Google Translate

There are fifty countries in Europe and so many different languages and dialects to try and master throughout your trip. Translate apps for your smartphone make life a lot easier. What is more, they are available in offline mode too so you will always be able to understand what is going on and be understood too. No need to run to find the Wi-Fi.

#10. Get Your Euros

Although not every country in Europe uses the Euro for their currency it is a very good idea to stock up on your Euros, as when exchanging to other European currencies this will enable you to get the best exchange rate.

Prepare Euros

Guest Post by Linda Smith

Linda Smith is a travel writer and the founder/main editor of Her passion for travel inspires her to seek new places, new adventures and sharing her travel experience to everyone. You can visit her website and also follow her on Twitter and Facebook

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