10 things every student must do

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Many would agree that the student’s years are ones of the-the best years in the life of each person. They reserve the warmest memories, whereas bad ones throw into the background. And in order to help make your memories more colorful and beautiful with bright and crazy events, we decided to make a list of things that each student should fulfill until he leaves the walls of the alma mater.

1. Win a teacher in the dispute.

Yes, yes exactly! Win a teacher in the dispute, but only if you are confident in yourself. And if not, then you have to believe in yourself (there is simply no other way). I have often heard such words from teachers: “If you can argue with me, then you go up in my eyes much higher than previously” or “If you argue with me, you can expect a good score.” Teachers need to know that a person has an opinion and that he is not afraid to express it!

2. Live in a dormitory.

Oh, I think this is the most integral part in the life of a student! And it is true! The apartment will not give you the same experience as the dorm. Why? Is it possible every day to sit in the kitchen, for example, with 14 other students on four chairs in your rent apartment? Or make fun of anyone living on the same floor with you? Well, or to arrange a variety of competitions and games for 50 people? Of course not. Therefore, each student should experience that… at least once.

3. Gather people to make a movie night.

Oh yeah! It will be remembered by all for a long time. Put away your tasks and have fun!Especially when you watch the most terrible and exciting horror film, after which you can switch to an interesting comedy. During or after the movie you can sit in the friendly atmosphere, discuss the seen, as well as get to know each other, have fun and leave in a good mood. What could be cooler? And it is not necessarily that the company consists only of your groupmates. You can have your company from different groups, and even years of study because it is dorm!


4. Go to the exhibition in the art gallery or theater.

Imagine yourself an intelligent man, and go to an exhibition or some interesting art event. <ake an appraising look, if you are a professional, go with an important air, clap, smile, and cry of admiration and compliments in French 🙂


5. Make crazy video

I think it’s very simple. No, really, you just think, to film a crazy video! For example, you can make a video out of different photos from your university life or try to video the craziest and hilarious moment during your student evenings!

6. To learn several languages.

In fact, it is very useful! University time is the time when you will not be completely overwhelmed comparing to the adult life. In addition, you can take a course in Spanish or French in your University and get a credit for that!

7. Participate in the university life!

Take a chance to act on a stage or to be a host of any event or help with preparations! Any help will be useful for both you and the University and you will have the feeling of belonging!

8. To travel!

Spontaneously, travel to the nearby city or to fly to another country. And you can just drive with friends to another city and discover the new and unknown together with having a lot of fun! It will not cost you a lot especially if you will go there with your friends. You can chip in and free yourself from the costs of the gasoline etc.

9. Learn how to play any musical instrument.

This will be just fine. We assure you it is useful! Imagine you’re playing guitar at any party or celebration! You will be the star of every evening! Congratulations!



10. Volunteer

Volunteering is the best option to be involved in the social activities. You will also get a feeling of content and devotion. A lot of people, as well as animals, need your help! Go to the dogs pond, orphanage or house for the old to contribute to the world!

Sandra J. Hayward is a Miami Dade college MBA graduate that is interested in academic research and writing but does not want to depend on the rigorous schedule. That is why she has been collaborating with for a long time as a freelance writer and enjoys her flextime a lot.”

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