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10 Most Scenic Places To Visit In Tuscany by Jason Biondo

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Tuscany – one of Italy’s most beloved and sought-after destinations – is truly an idyllic and charming paradise that will sweep you off your feet in a lot of different ways.

Famed for its gorgeous and dramatic scenery, this blissful Italian hub flaunts breathtaking landscapes that are wonderfully dotted with blooming cypress trees, medieval fortresses, olive groves and scenic rolling hills.  Heralded as a paradise for foodies and wine connoisseurs, Tuscany is also admired for its mouthwatering culinary staples and delightful wines.  To top it all off, it is home to some of Europe’s finest and most outstanding art museums.

Traveling to Tuscany? Here are a few scenic places that you should visit in this part of Italy.



Florence is arguably the best and most gorgeous place to visit Tuscany. Praised for its remarkable Renaissance architecture and art, Tuscany’s capital beckons photography aficionados and travel junkies with its stunning architectural treasures, like Giotto’s Tower, Duomo di Firenze and Baptistery. For those who are overly fond of art, you may get your fix with Florence’s awesome collection of art exhibits like the Accademia Gallery and Ufizi Gallery.




Siena is a lovely medieval city filled with amusements and surprises at every turn. A visit here lets you catch sight of striking medieval buildings and houses as well as Gothic architectures like Dumoo and Palazzo Pubblico. Not to mention, it is home to Piazza del Campo, which is a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Chianti Wine Region

Chianti Wine Region is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most photogenic places in all of Europe.  Within this Tuscan region, you’ll get to treat your eyes with majestic sights of its vineyards, parishes, country homes, olive groves and lush rolling hills.  Made famous by the Chianti red wine, this area in Tuscany also has a host of fabulous wineries that are open for tastings and tours.



Everyone knows that Pisa is home to the world famous Leaning Tower. But, make no mistake about it – there’s more to Pisa than its iconic architectonic project. A visit in Pisa lets you snap countless of photos of its other spellbinding attractions like the Torre Pendente, Duomo di Pisa and Battistero.


Lucca, with its grand Renaissance walls and medieval center, is by far one of top places to spend a getaway in Tuscany, Italy. As you take a stroll around this historic Italian city, you’ll get to see a plethora of mesmerizing churches and gardens. What’s more, it is home to the Duomo San Martino – a treasure trove full of historic jewels like the Last Supper of Tinoretto and Tomb of Ilaria del Carretto.

Val d’Orcia

Val d’Orcia will awestruck you with its sheer countryside grandeur.  After all, it a well-preserved natural park full of dazzling medieval castles, villages, hamlets and farmhouses. As far as I’m concerned, the best villages to visit in this Tuscan region are Pienza, Radicofani and Montalcino.


Elba, known as the Napoleon Bonaparte’s place of exile, is a laid-back and elegant island-paradise that delights its visitors with its beach-laced coves, majestic vineyards and crystal clear azure waters.


Arezzo, although its medieval center was severely destroyed during WWII, still has a myriad of monuments, churches and museums that echo its beautiful past.  Furthermore, it’s a host to the cheery Joust of the Saracens – an annual medieval festival wherein the townspeople are dressed in elaborate medieval costumes, and cheering feverishly on the competitors.


Montepulciano is classic medieval town that will appease sightseers and tourists with panoramic views of the Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana valleys. In addition to the views, the city has a wealth of other remarkable tourist attractions, including Renaissance palaces, ancient churches, squares and hidden squares.


Sounds familiar? Volterra was catapulted into the global limelight, when Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight filmmakers immortalized it as a haven to the world’s strongest vampires. Although there are no real fancy and cool-looking vampires in this quaint Tuscan town, there are plenty of striking of sights for you to enjoy in Volterra, including medieval winding pathways and ancient Roman bathhouse ruins.

Inspired to visit Tuscany? Open your travel planner now, and start planning your trips to these fabulous destinations!

Guest Post by Jason Biondo

Jason Biondo is a travel junkie who loves to share insightful tips to his fellow travellers and backpackers. He is also a User Interface Developer Consultant and the founder of Trekeffect

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