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10 life hacks that will change your life

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Just imagine if there was a way to complete all your dreary day to day tasks and moving them out of your way without any hassle!

Aren’t you tired of spending hundreds of bucks on getting your phone screen fixed when it cracks? Are the bananas rotting faster than you could eat them? Are you tired of ironing your shirt every morning? Here is a collection of 10 life hacks that will change your life for the better.

  1. Use toothpaste for fixing your cracked phone screen!

We know toothpaste does all the wonders for your smile, but it has one other ESSENTIAL purpose too! It’s easy to panic when you drop your phone and crack that precious screen, but what if we told you there is a simple, quick fix? Instead of wasting away your hard earned money on getting the screen fixed, use toothpaste to fill in the cracks.

Put the phone on a flat surface and gently blow on it to remove any extra particles. Then take a cotton swab and put toothpaste on the tip. Take this cotton bud and gently rub it on the cracks to smoothen them out. It might take a few tries to get the hang of it, but the toothpaste will surely hide the cracks. Make sure you aren’t using flavored toothpaste because it mostly has particles that might stick onto the cracks and create a problem.

  1. Tired of crying while cutting onions? We have a solution!

We all know vegetables are delicious but cutting them is a hassle that we all dread! Crying over cutting vegetables is just not what we signed up for. So the next time you dread cutting onions and want to add some flavor to your meal for that perfect dinner date you’ve been planning for months, try chewing gum at the same time as chopping.


The mint from the gum will diffuse the chemicals released from the onion and prevent it from traveling up your nose/mouth.

  1. Save those rotting bananas

If your bananas are rotting sooner than expected or before you could even eat them, try wrapping the stem of the bananas in plastic or foil. The foil or plastic will slow down the process and keep those bananas fresh and edible for a more extended period.


  1. Fixing bitter coffee

Worried about wasting a perfectly brewed cup of coffee just because it is too bitter? Don’t worry! Use a pinch of salt to save your caffeine instead of suffering through terribly bitter coffee or throwing it away. It works like magic, and you get your day’s easy caffeine fix! It works, so do try it.


  1. You can now fix furniture using dry fruits

Natural wood furniture looks stylish and tasteful, but it’s costly to replace or re-polish. So imagine the disappointment when you notice that your favorite dining table or side table is scratched? How are you going to fix it without spending loads of money? It’s easy! Use walnuts to cover the scratches.


Take a large walnut and rub it over the scratches. If walnuts aren’t available, you can even use almonds or Brazil nuts – walnuts are the softest, though. Once you have done this, use your fist to smooth the area out and warm the surface.  The natural oils from the walnuts will sink into the wood and clear out the marks. Wait a while longer and rub over a soft cloth for good as new furniture.

  1. Cool your drinks faster

Don’t we hate it when we forget to refrigerate our drinks on a hot day and have to wait an entire hour for them to cool down?  Well, we have a better and smarter solution to this problem. Wrap a cold/wet towel around each of your drinks and put them in the refrigerator. The water from the towels will quickly evaporate when inside and your drinks are cooled down in 10 minutes. Wait five extra minutes for the perfect temperature.

If you have a soda can, you can even dip the can in a bowl of water filled with ice and salt for one minute!

  1. Static laundry no more

Are you tired of your clothes being static and clingy after laundry day? Worry no more. Take a ball of foil and throw it in the dryer with the clothes to prevent cling.

  1. Want to know how to dry colored nails faster?

Waiting for your nail paint to dry out is a huge hassle, especially when you’re getting late for an event and are out of time already. An easy fix for this is to apply nail paint on all of your fingernails and dip them in a bowl of cold water for less than a minute. Works like magic!


  1. Peeling boiled eggs without the hassle

Having trouble peeling those hard boiled eggs? You can add half a tablespoon of baking soda to the water before boiling to avert the trouble.

  1. Why don’t your long boots stand up?

It’s simple! Use a couple of old magazines, roll them and insert them into the shoes for them to stay put. You can even use empty bottles if they fit the size. This way your long boots will not lose their shape and will remain as good as new.


Aren’t these hacks amazing? Who would have thought that these simple tricks can save up so much money, time and change your life for the better! We all go through several domestic problems in our everyday life, but one must know that time is precious so never waste it. So now whether you want to relax and read some quotes about love or chill out with a cup of coffee or even drink a cold beverage, you know how to hack your life!

Learn to get through the every day mundane tasks faster using these ten effective ways and improve your life with only a limited amount of effort.


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